Decurion Lynara Miren

Female Legion Officer - Deceased


Young, charismatic, and vivaciously healthy, Subaltern Lynara Miren has golden skin and slightly pointed ears that betray hints of elven ancestry.


She is not especially cut out for the life of a soldier, but her father and grandfather both served in the Auran legion and, lacking any siblings, she felt compelled to maintain the tradition. Miren is naturally gregarious, but finds little pleasure in the company of soldiers (especially not thuggish Subaltern Methori), and distinctions of social class leave her at unease with her superiors. Her best friend in the fortress is Malyn, who amuses her with his magical tricks and tales of the white city of Tarenesium.

She was recruited by the New Hellions to be their eyes on the borderlands. She was later to be the point of contact for any New Hellions who visited the borderlands.

She had recently fallen in love with a young elven Spellblade named Avery. It was to be a short-lived affair. During the beastmen raid on Turos Tem she led a cavalry charge against a warband of bugbears that were leading the attack. She was struck by a hail of arrows and died from her wounds.

Decurion Lynara Miren

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