Stamus Contra Malum: 1013 YE

You Can Never Go Home Again

Zigelen, 4th – 23rd (May 17th – June 2nd)

Training and Mayhem

Zigelen, 4th – 23rd (May 17th – June 2nd)

Avery, Garrick, Lozan and Ivanova make to the trek to Rifllian. Along the way they make several important discovers. They find an elven landmark that denotes several locations in the region, including a lost elven tower and a shrine. While staying at Türos Drav, they are targeted by a member of a strange cult who wear black hare masks and worship Duvan’ku.

They eventually make it to the elven town where the elven brothers immediately dive into their training. After several weeks the elves are almost done, when Lozan and Ivanova engage in drunken debauchery and soon the four of them have to flee town due to an issue with cocks and an angry elven nobleman. The four of them eventually head south and reunite with Vilhelmus and Atticus at the Hastinov Estate.


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