Stamus Contra Malum: 1013 YE

Unexpected Surprises

Zigelen, 24th – 27th (Jun 3rd-5th)

Up The River

Zigelen, 24th – 27th (Jun 3rd-5th)

The party once more reunited decided to head back to Türos Tem and check-in with Lukos and his henchmen. While on the road through the Via Marshes the elven brother convinced the group to make a side trek to see if they could find a lost elven shrine they believed to be hidden somewhere in the Lusaun Forest. There first destination stop was at the port town of Türos Luln to hire a boat to take them up the Southern Krysivor River.

Once a boat was acquired, the party made their way north up the Krysivor River. Traveling as far north as they could, the party disembarked and began searching for the lost shrine. After several hours of wandering the dense forest, the party discovered a set of ancient ruins deep in the forest.

In the center of the ruins was a hole in the ground from which arose a blighted miasma. While investigate the hole, the ground collapsed underneath the party and they found themselves in a waterlogged series of crypts. The party soon learned that his was the home of the beast known as Agrippa.

The party explored the crypts, fighting through bands of ghouls and zombies, with great success. It was a chance encounter with a bubbling fissure of methane gas that the party was undone. Their torches ignited the gas causing serious injury to most of the party. Deciding to retreat back to the surface, the party attempted to climb out when Agrippa revealed herself and attacked the party.

During the course of the battle the heroes inflicted serious injury to the undead terror. Agrippa returned the favor in kind injuring many and killing Atticus the Wanderer by smashing him into the cave wall. Lozan and Ivanova melted Agrippa’s head using healing magic, the bane of the undead. However, pieces of Agrppa managed to escape as the party had forgotten the lore that Priestess Genelen had provided them on how to defeat a Psychopagos.

The party climbed out of the fetid pit and limped back to the boat carrying the body of their fallen comrade. Once safely on the river barge, they headed back down the river to Türos Luln to give Atticus a proper burial and to heal their wounds.


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