Stamus Contra Malum: 1013 YE

Truth Be Told

Pendaelen, 24th – 28th (May 5th-9th)

After the Battle at the Farmhouse

Pendaelen, 24th – 28th (May 5th-9th)

Party returns to Türos Tem to recover from the fight with Locke and Key. Many are wounded and an extended period of rest and recovery is had. Both the elven twins end up with identical matching scars that require extensive healing. Several important matters are discussed during this time by the group. The Twins reveal to the party that they are members of the elven political movement known as the New Hellions and reveal to the group their true purpose for being out in the borderlands. Vilhelmus declares himself for the New Hellions and asks to join the group, surprising everyone there. The group also discusses the fact that it is clear that Drusus, Brigand King does not trust them. The groups bonds over this and swears an oath to each other.


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