Stamus Contra Malum: 1013 YE

Thought the Woods and Under the Hill, Slaver’s Bells Ringing

7th to 8th of Pendaelen, (Early Spring) 1013YE

The Viaspen Forest

The party made good time as they left Turos Tem and marched across the country side towards the Viaspen Forest. They noted that a number of farms had been burned and looted. Travelers on the roads seem to always be travelling in groups often with guards. Upon reaching the woods,

They began to look for clues to where the beastmen raiders were coming from. As the sun rose higher the mist and fog lifted and the sun came out. The would-be-heroes stopped under a tree to eat. Atticus pulled out his harp and sang a little ditty.

Ho! Ho! Ho! to the bottle I go
To heal my heart and drown my woe.
Rain may fall and wind may blow,
And many miles be still to go,
But under a tall tree I will lie,
And let the clouds go sailing by

The party then continued their exploration of the dark forest. A malignancy seemed to hang in the air as they pushed deeper into the forest. An hour later they soon encountered a bandit who was convulsing on the ground. Four winged creatures feasted upon him. Seeing the party, the creature launched an attack upon them; they were Stirges, blood drinking vermin. The party managed to kill all of the creatures with Atticus receiving a mortal wood. Thanks to the healing skills of party members it was a minor wound.

Lukos, using his tracking skills, followed the trail of the bandit back to the bandits hiding spot. He had been a sentry or lookout for his gang judging from the items found at his post. The party decided to set an ambush to capture the bandit’s relief. Day turned to evening, evening to dusk. The party abandoned the ambush and made camp instead.

Vilhelmus and Garrick stayed in the trees to keep watch over the camp. However their vigilance was not enough as a hideous mockery of nature howled its way into their camp. What was once a dire wolf and now was mutated monstrosity attacked the party. He grabbed Ivanova into its jaws and shook her like a rag doll and causing a mortal wound. The rest of the party managed to slay the beast, but not before Lukos witnessed the bard panic at a sound in the woods. Atticus fired blindly in the dark, striking Garrick who had been trying to work his way to attack the wolf from the rear.

Both Garrick and Ivanova had received mortal wounds. The gods however seemed to smile upon them as Lukos had packed a number of medical supplies. Both recovered with minor injuries and no need of bed rest.

The Black Hill

In the morning, Lukos was able to find the trail of the wolf. Curious to see what could transform such a beast he followed it. The trail led him to a black granite monadnock, an isolated mountain or rock that has resisted the process of erosion and stands alone in an otherwise flat area. The party observed there was a massive crack in the side of the rock, with many foot prints leading in and out of it. After watching for about an hour, they witnessed a group of beastmen, possible goblins or hobgoblins entering the crack.


The party headed down and scouted out the crack. Inside the crack the black walls of some kind of structured could be seen. SFour scaly, dog faced beastmen guarded the doors. Ivanova wanted to lead the charge but Vilhelmus ended up being the first to walk in and attempted to distract the guards as the rest of the party charged. The fight was short and the kobolds all died before an alarm could be sounded, thanks to the less than trusty bows of Atticus and Lukos. The party stopped and took a moment to take stock of their situation and decide their next course of action.

Bonus XP: 250 xp to the first player who can name the book that the song that Atticus sings in the comments for this Journal Entry.


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