Stamus Contra Malum: 1013 YE

The Long Journey Part III

Juselen 6th-7th, 1014 YE

Diary of Lozen the Lioness

“North, always north.”

It seems as though every time my heart calls me south, Ianna calls me further north. It would not surprise me if she does this for my own benefit. She knows how I miss the sea, Themyscira, my sisters, and so she calls me north, away from the things I love and miss. She does this to give me strength, push me to be the best I can be for her. I just wish it was a little warmer.

We’re riding through the fields; the mountains stand tall in the distance. Snowy white peaks stand out bright against the dark rock of the mountain face.

“More cold, great.”

Our party has grown in size in the last month. No longer are we the group of rag tag companions gathered together by Lukos, following his lead. Now we are The Light Bringers, the band of adventurers who defeated the Lady Below. One of our fellowship is now gone, Vilhelmus has given in to the call of the sea. With him gone we now have in his stead is a new member, Damian Ulf.

I do not know how I feel about this “paladin”, champion of Ammonar. Those who call themselves paladin should always be treated with care and suspicion. Their faith knows no bounds, and they will do anything in the name of their god. They are fanatics and can be dangerous. This Damian seems to believe his god has spoken to him, but I have my doubts. Gods rarely speak to mortals, even those of the highest faith. I will keep my eye on him.

As we ride through the fields, we w attacked by giant birds. The battle was over before it even began. Ivanova using her gifts from her goddess was able to tell the birds to leave. I still don’t understand how she can have such power, how Fionnghuala can bestow such power on a mortal is beyond my understanding. But the ways of the gods are not to be understood by mortals.

Not long after the birds, Garrick, our scout seemed to find something. He made his way back to the group and took Damian with him.

After a few more hours we came across and small farm house, if you could even call it that. The house was in great disrepair. A lone pig sat in the pen, no other farm animals could be seen. On the porch sat Garrick and Damian, eating what appeared to be some sort of stew. The two seemed happy, content and eager to share the hospitality they had found here at this farm. They, along with the farms owners, invited us to join them on the porch.

The husband and wife that owned the farms were very large. It is unclear how two people who seem to live a life of such poverty could be so well fed. Their daughters on the other hand, seemed more the proper size for someone who lives in such a state.

I joined my friends on the porch and began eating the stew. As I continued to eat, a fog began to cloud my mind. The details of the next hour are foggy and unorganized. I felt my body begin to warm. There was just something about the man. He was so large, so big, and so handsome. I needed him and I needed him soon, my body would not have it otherwise. I grew determined to seduce him before the night was out. I remember Ivanova becoming angry and attacking our host. I couldn’t let that happen. He was mine and I wouldn’t let some other woman have him before I’d had my turn.


My next memory is after the battle. It was over. The house was half burned, the bodies of the girls could be seen just inside, broken and lifeless. Two giant demonic boars lay dead in the yard, the bodies of our hosts. They seemed to have charmed myself, Garrick and Damian with the stew. The rest of the party had not fallen under their spell and had fought to destroy the creatures. During the battle, Avery had accidentally caught the house on fire, and when he used a wind spell to put it out, it killed the children.

As I stood there, dazed and confused as to how we had come to be there, Ivanova came out of the house, her clothes stained with the blood of both the children and the devil swine. She was angry as I had never seen her before; she began yelling at us, about how we had failed her, how she expected more from us as her friends and followers. Those who had pledged themselves to her she cursed at, especially Avery, for his spell was what caused the children’s deaths. When her words had run out, she climbed on her horse and rode off into the distance.

Oberron immediately followed after her, as fast as his pony would allow. Tyco was hot on his heels. Not a minute passed before Avery, Garrick and I followed suite. About an hour’s ride away from the farm, Tyco lost the scent. I knew that this is where we must stop and wait then. Tyco does not lose a scent and if he could not catch Ivanova’s trail, then there was no trail to be found. She was no longer on this realm.

Oberron accepted this and went back to get Damian and the rest. Garrick wandered around, trying fruitlessly to pick the trail back up. Avery and I sat and waited.

Then something weird happened. Avery asked for my advice. Ivanova’s words seemed to have gotten to him and he was wondering if he should continue his path as a fire mage. I told him that fire could never be fully controlled, that he could direct it, but once the spell had been cast, where the fire spread was beyond his ability. He seemed to think on this for a while, and then he picked up his spell book, and tore out the pages containing his fire spells. He handed them to me and asked me to get rid of them. I looked at him, asked if he was sure, and then threw them into the fire. His brother was a little upset, having wished to one day master that spell, but got over it quickly.

About this time Oberron and Damian rejoined us. Damian seemed to disagree with Avery’s actions but what does he know. He is new to our party, he does not know Avery as I do. To Damian, the ends justify the means. He would sacrifice an entire city to defeat some evil, but once the city and evil lay dead, what have you really saved? I believe Avery has made the right choice and may Ianna bless him for it.

As the morning drew near, a heavy fog gathered around us. Out of the fog Ivanova rode out on her horse, a unicorn beside her. The woman never ceases to amaze me. She has the attention of several gods and now a unicorn as well. Words of forgiveness and acceptance are spoken and she rejoins the party.

“Now we continue north. Sigh.”


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