Stamus Contra Malum: 1013 YE

The Deal with the Devil

8th of Pendaelen, (Early Spring) 1013YE

Return to Turos Tem

The party decided to return to Turos Tem to restock on provisions and decided their next course of action. On the morning of the 9th, the Party left the fort and returned to the mysterious hidden structure where beastmen seemed to be conjugating.

The Merchant

After a couple of hours travel the party spied a wagon being escorted by several riders. The sharp eyes and wit of several members of the party saw that the wagon was heading towards the hidden temple and not to any nearby town.

The party raced ahead of the wagon through the woods and across a stream to spring an ambush on the Merchant. It a bloody fight, the party slew all but one of the bandits, a man named Antonius. They quickly learned that Antonius and his men had waylaid a merchant and was take their spoils back to their leader, the wanted felon Drusus.

Antonius pleaded for his life and attempted to convince the party they should join the growing bandit army gathering under Drusus’s Banner. The party seeing an opportunity told Antonius they would consider his offer.

They escorted the Antonious and the wagon back to the hidden temple. Once there, they were taken to the bandit factions turf inside the temple. After some daring bluffs they meet Drusus , who looked them over and decided if they wanted to be a part of his new army, they had to kill the leader of the kobold faction. The party had gained considerable intelligence about the temple, the factions within and the mysterious leader who dwelt in the lower levels, The Lady Below. They accepted his test and marched forth to kill the Kobold King.

The Kobolds

The party headed over to the area where which the Kobolds claimed as their own. After a chilling experience with a couple of crab spiders, Lukos was badly poisoned. Using here healing skills, Lozen and Ivanova were able to save his life. It was then decided that Atticus would take Lukos back to Turos Tem where he could recover safely.

The party headed back into the temple and finally located the kobolds lair. The managed to convince the door guards they were sent by Druss to deliver a message to their king. Once inside the throne room things quickly turned into a blood bath. After beating wave after wave of kobolds, the party was left injured but alive.


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