Stamus Contra Malum: 1013 YE

The Banquet

6th to 7th of Pendaelen, (Early Spring) 1013YE

The Bathhouse

After being dismissed by the Legate, the party retired to the inn. Grabbing a quick bite to eat in the eatery, Vilhelmus noted that a centurion and a decurion where there drinking. Vilhelmus attempted to ingratiate himself withCenturion Ilarion, wo received him politely. Lozen and Ivanova made the acquaintance of the fort’s annalist Socolo, who they found out would be having dinner with them tonight.

The party soon found themselves heading to the bathhouse, the social center of the settlement. It was here that the party meet some new faces. After a thorough cleaning, the party got dressed and headed back to the fort to have dinner with the Legate and his wife. Along the way they noticed a golden masked figure in black robes walking throught the fort, they found out it was the local mage, Malyn.

The Banquet

Arriving at the Legate’s Villas, they got a chance to see more of it than they had before. Lady Valerian was at her best playing hostess and took great delight in hearing all of the news coming out of the eastern provinces from Lozen and Ivanova.

Later on, Lozen finally got her chance to meet the head of the fort’s hospital, the Priestess Genelan. Lozen found about the nightmares that had been plaguing the locals. She and Ivanova’s nightmares were different, more specific. They did gain two pieces of important information. All of the troubles in the borderlands did not start happening until 2 months ago. The nightmare started a month ago. They also were able to figure out that the creature calling itself Agrippa is a Psychofagos or Soul Eater. These undead creatures were difficult to kill. The party quickly decided they did not have the resources to fight such a creature.

A fantastic feast was then served to the guests. Bowls of poached eggs in fish sauce, cups of Tirenean sweet white honey-mixed wine scented with rose petals, baked grape leaves stuffed with mackerel and cheese where passed around. The house servants also brought out a hige bronze platter with a roast boar stuffed with blood sausage. As everyone ate, Hometri Socolo, stood up and gave a rousing recital of the epic poem of the Trials of Justinian. A desert of honey-sweetened milk custard finished off the evening. Ivanova and Lozen, both of whom were quite attracted to the honey tongued annalist decided to they were going to spend the rest of the night testing his mettle. The rest of the party retired to the inn.

The Next Morning

The party awoke from their sleeping pads in the courtyard of the traveler’s inn. Between the rich food and drink and troubling nightmares, the party was ill rested. Everything they owned was soaked with morning dew as a thick fog had a risen and blanketed the settlement. The party broke fast with wheat biscuits and honey (1cp) from the inn’s kitchen and discussed what would be there next course of action. Vilhelmus seemed to think that searching for the beastmen’s raiding camps in the Viaspen Forest. Jozen, Avery and Garrick got up and headed up the hill to the fort to the Annalists Office to look at some information. Ivanova decided to stay behind to pray to her goddess. Vilhelmus also decided to stay behind, drinking some hot kaf (1 cp).

A hour and half later the party reunited at the eatery. After discussing there plans, they left the settlement and head towards the Viaspen Forest.


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