Stamus Contra Malum: 1013 YE

Story Time with Oberron Part 1

The Story of the Light Bringers as told by Oberron IV

Get Inna My Belly!


We were on the cusp of battle, Garrick’s girlfriend had just showed us we could climb across a layer of the temple. Here we would fight the Lady Below’s champion, a corrupted dragon called Idimmu the Demonic who hid in The Black Ziggurat.

Them bugbears were leading up a buncha prisoners to be sacrificed on this beautiful obsidian altar. Thing was more evil than a goblins left foot, but it was a work of art. Shame we had to destroy it, but I’m getting ahead of myself here.

We waited for the right moment, spread out see then we attacked. Some kobolds showed up, but me and my boy Tycho took ‘em out. Then from the Ziggurat Idimmu and his two twins showed up. Didn’t remember hearing about his brothers, peed myself a bit. I thought the feller was just a big kobold.

Damn dragon worshiping rats. Wasn’t sure how we’d take it down, even just one of them. Luckily after a few shots we figured out they were just illusions. But that still left one problem, a tainted looking dragon and a lot of prisoners- wait no, I missed a part. Idimmu breathed some breath thing on them and they all rotted. Nearly killed Vilhelmus.

The next part is where things got interestin’. You ever hear about them warrior woman on that island? Well I travel with one. Lozan the Lioness her name was. I wasn’t much scared of her or respectful minded to her until she done did something wild. Ill never underestimate her again. I don’t know how she did it, but she like tripled in size. Quadrupled even. I ain’t never seen bigger titties in my life. It was glorious. She jumped up at Idimmu, her blades in hand and drove him to the ground. That’s how I learned how badass Bladedancers are, and I aint ever gunna fuck with them."



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