Stamus Contra Malum: 1013 YE

Smoke Rising

Innelen, 15th-19th

July 29th Game Session

Arrival Black Eagle Fortress – Innelen, 13th (Aug 15)

The Wing Lion sailed into the harbor of the Black Eagle Fortress carrying its cargo and passengers. Waiting at the pier was a welcoming party of officials from the fortress and D’mitri Hastinov. The elven emissary Owen Kenabe was greeted and escorted to the Fortress. The rest of the party was put under military guard and also escorted to the fortress.

The party ended up cooling their heels in a well -appointed meeting room for several hours. Servants brought food and drink to them and Vilhelmus was able to write orders for the crew of his ship. Eventually the elderly Hastinov entered the room. After admonishing them for leaving the borderlands, he informs them that all magical communication has stopped with Türos Tem. He informs them that horses have been made ready for them.

The Midway Inn – Innelen, 14th (Aug 16)

The next morning the party gathered supplies including many healing scrolls from the local temples and head towards Türos Tem. By late evening of the first day they reached the Midway Inn. During the night, the party was afflicted by terrible dreams which made them restless.

Türos Tem – Innelen, 15th (Aug 17)

The next morning they awoke to the acrid smell of smoke in the air and a haze had enveloped the inn and the surround countryside. An imperial messenger rode into the caravanesi and his horse promptly died on him. He immediately ordered a fresh mount and rode off again to the Siadanos.
Before he left, the party pressed him for information. He informed them that beastmen had attacked many of the forts, including Türos Tem. The party quickly mounted their horse and rode north. As the party approached the fort, they passed by burning farms and settlements. Columns of smoke could be seen rising from miles away.

The forum was in shambles, stalls destroyed, many buildings showed fire damage or were burned to the ground. A makeshift hospital had been set-up in the forum and many wounded could be seen. Sister Lozan jumped into help with the wounded, when she inquired as to where was Priestess Genelen was out she was meet with silence, one of the healers informed her that the priestess has been killed by infiltrators.


Avery and Garrick split-off from the party and went look for Lynara to get more information. Ivanova, Vilhelmus, Lankeister and Oberron went to check on their villa. The villa was still standing but the servants were all gone and there were signs of a struggle. Ivanova went looking for her friend Koinas the Quartermaster. Vilhelmus and Brother Merrin went looking for other contacts in the fort. Meanwhile, Lozan was busy using her staff of healing to heal as many people as she could. Vilhelmus was able to find the Centurion out on the marshalling field. Piles of dead beastmen were being stacked on pyres.


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