Stamus Contra Malum: 1013 YE

Siadanos II - Sightseeing in Siadanos

Agitelen, 27th– Innelen, 8th (Aug 1-10)

Over the passing week, the Avery trained with Elwegon the Drake, a senior Spellblade and second in command of the local New Hellion cell. Garrick trained with Oppius the Pious, a veteran Nightblade. Oppius was known for praying and making sacrifices to the gods in the name of whom ever he assassinated. The training was intense and bruising, but the brothers worked hard to master their new skills.

While the elves were training, Ivanova and Vilhelmus explored the town. Ivanova was on the lookout for any potential Talon activity. Vilhelmus made a trip to the Imperial fortress and sent a magical missive to Tǘros Luln via Imperial Mage. He sent orders for the ship to be made ready and to set sail for Siadanos. It would take four or five days for the ship to arrive, so Vilhelmus decided to aid his cousin in her search for Talons.

Ivanova wanted to check out the First Ward also known as the Imperial Ward. Many of the imperial military and civil servants called this ward home. In order to not reveal her true identity, Ivanova disguised herself. She even managed to talk Vilhelmus into wearing a disguise.

It was during this time they visited Vasyli’s Emporium, a strange and wondrous place run by an equally strange little man named Vasyli. After a failed attempt to purchase a set of enchanted bracers, the cousins left. A short time later, Vilhelmus discovered his new left hand had a bad case of sticky fingers. It had stolen a ring from the emporium. The ring was unique looking and Vilhelmus decided to keep it.

Eventually the cousins found themselves at the House of Blue Orchids, the best brothel in town located in the Imperial Ward. It was here that Ivanova finally found evidence of Talon activity when she was almost spotted by a former college, a talon named Muso Gellusius. He was leaving the brothel and the cousins decided to tail him to see where he went. Muso ended up heading straight into the fortress.

The cousins hurried back to the Inn they were staying at. They needed to come up with a plan to kidnap Muso so that Ivanova could interrogate him. It was during this time the twins showed up and revealed that the New Hellions had a job for them, an important one.


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