Stamus Contra Malum: 1013 YE

Return to the Hidden Temple

Esevelen, 13th -16th | (21-23 June)

Return to the Hidden Temple

After returning to Türos Tem, the party turned over Agrippa’s head to Priestess Genelan. They watched as the aged priestess performed the rite that destroyed Agrippa forever. The priestess thanked the party for the tremendous service they had performed. The heroes took their leave and returned to the new Villa that Lukos had acquired for them. They were soon settled down for a much needed rest.

Setting forth from Turos Tem, the party marched westward into the Viaspen Forest. During their journey, the party could see how far the blight had spread. The closer to the Hidden Temple they got, the stronger the blight. The party once again found themselves standing before the massive crack in the side of the stone hill where the Hidden Temple lay.

They party entered the stone monadnock and entered the massive cavern antechamber where they found a war band of kobolds and a mutated wolf. A bloody fight ensured and the heroes were triumphant albeit mildly wounded. Vilhelmus had managed during the fight to smash open a crate of overly ripe apples.

The heroes then pushed through the massive temple doors into the temple proper. After some debate the decision was made to check on the former bandit quarter. They wanted to see if any temple denizens had reclaimed the old chapel for their own.

At first it seemed empty but soon a throng of zombies, many of whom were bandits they had previously killed lurched out the darkness to attack the party. A bloody battle ensued with the heroes hard pressed. It was the timely arrival of a priest of Ammonar and his retainers who helped turn the tide of battle.

Lozan, Ivanova, Vilhelmus and Oberron traded blows with the zombies slowly whittling down their numbers. Avery and Garrick chased after the zombies that Brother Merrin had turned away. Soon the area smelled of burning flesh and the air was filled with the wails of wounded elves.

The priest introduced himself as Brother Lankeister Merrin, a priest of Turas, who was here looking for the source of the evil at the heart of this complex. The party bound their wounds and with Brother Merrin in tow, they pressed on.

They soon found themselves in what must have been the goblin quarter. The dead rotting bodies of goblin were everywhere. They party remembered Drusus telling them that the hobgoblins had purged the temple of the goblins about 6 weeks ago.

The party reached a 40’ wide, 60’ tall courtyard which was open to the cavernous ceiling 350’ above. Unlike most rooms in the complex, the floor here was earth and not stone, though no living things grow in the dirt. In the center of the dead soil was a 15’ diameter brick-lined well. The shaft of the well descends downward 50’into darkness and then slants off to the north. A horde of giant rats soon descends upon the party.

In the chaotic battle that ensued, the heroes soon found a number of their party slipping and falling into the pit. They managed to recover only to have two giant spiders begin climbing up the well. Vilhelmus while falling down the shaft, losses his enchanted blade but manages to kill one of the spiders and rides the other one out of the well and the party kills it.

The party took stock of their wounds and remaining equipment. They decided they were too wounded to carry-on and retreat to Turos Tem was in order. Oberron however decides he needed to know where the well leads to, there might be a chance to see if he could retrieve Vilhelmus’ sword.

The party left the Hidden Temple and made the trek back to the safety of Turos Tem without any further encounters.


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