Stamus Contra Malum: 1013 YE

Lukos in Peril

Esevelen, 2-8th | (9-15 June)

Return to Turos Tem

Esevelen, 2-8 | (9-15 June)

The party now had a new addition, a dwarf named Oberron Darkcrawler, son of Oberron, Vault Lord of High Forge. He had been by Dmitri to assist the party. The Party decided that they needed to head back to the Hidden Temple and Türos Tem before they took on Agrippa again. They wanted to check in with Lukos.

They arrived at the Hidden Temple and soon found that Lukos was under siege by Hobgoblins. The party jumped into the fray defeating the beastmen. They then got Lukos and the remaining retainers out of the temple and back to Turos Tem. From there they set forth by river to the Dragon Falls. Scaling down the cliff face they then marched back to the Fetid Pit of the heart of the Lushaun Forest.


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