Stamus Contra Malum: 1013 YE

Lukos in Peril

Esevelen, 2-8th | (9-15 June)

Return to Turos Tem

Esevelen, 2-8 | (9-15 June)

The party now had a new addition, a dwarf named Oberron, son of Oberron, Vault Lord of High Forge. He had been by D’mitri to assist the party. The Party decided that they needed to head back to the Hidden Temple and Türos Tem before they took on Agrippa again. They also wanted to check in with Lukos and his henchmen to see how they were faring.

They arrived at the Hidden Temple and soon found that Lukos and his men were under siege by beastmen. The party jumped into the fray, turning the tide and defeating the beastmen. After speaking with Lukos and his remaining retainers, they retreated out of the temple. The party returned to Turos Tem to resupply and rest for a bit.

After making all of their preparation, the party hired boats to take them east down the Western Krysivor River toward the Dragon Falls. As the party neared the falls they could hear the roar of the falls. The party disembarked on the south banks of the river right before the point where the four Krysivor converged and spilled over the cliff side. The party rappelled down the cliff face descending into the thick canopy of the Lusaun Forest. From the base of the cliff they marched to the fetid pit.


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