Stamus Contra Malum: 1013 YE

Kill Druss

Zigelen, 1st – 7th (May 10th-16th)

Kill Drusus

Zigelen, 1st – 7th (May 10th-16th)

The party makes preparations and heads back to the Hidden Temple. A bloody melee ensues as the party fights their way past the front down and into the temple. A savage battle erupts in the Bandit Quarter as the party tears through the bandits and soon is face to face with Drusus. The party emerges victorious with Vilhelmus and Garrick dealing a combined killing blow.

The party begins looting the room when tragedy strikes. Garrick attempted to pick the lock on a chest and triggered a trap which poisoned him. Only the healing skills of Lozan saved him from death. The party heads back to Türos Tem, where Garrick and Content Not Found: null recover from their wounds. The group begins making plans on their next steps.

Lukos hires a number of henchmen to help him secure the Bandit Quarters in the Hidden Temple to use as a base of operations. Avery and Garrick decide to head to Rifllian to get additional training; Lozan and Ivanova decide to go with them. Vilhelmus decides to head to the Hastinov Estate to inform Dmitry of what the party discovered.


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