Stamus Contra Malum: 1013 YE

Hidden Temple Part V

Esevelen, 23rd | Jun 30th

Esevelen, 23rd | Jun 30th | Hidden Temple V

The party minus Oberron, who had yet to return, made preparation to return to the Hidden Temple. Lozen at the last minute announced that she needed to leave to go to Türos Aster to deal with a personal matter. She promised she would rejoin the party at the hidden temple. Lukos accompanied her.

The rest of the party headed to the temple and arrived without incident. After a quick huddle, the party decided to retrace their steps and sweep all of the rooms they had previously cleared to ensure that no one could sneak up on them. It was during the sweep of the kobold chieftain’s throne room that Avery and Ivanova both discovered a secret door they had previously missed.

Behind the door was a secret room with three chests painted copper, silver and gold. Garrick was able to determine that all of the chests were trapped and that a special key was needed to open them. Ivanova noticed that there was another secret door that leads to the secret room. She tried to open the door but felt something heavy blocking it. Using all of her strength and the door swung open and the sound of breaking wood and glass drowned out the surprise cries of the orcs who were shocked to see the paladin burst through a wall into their room.

The heroes had managed to burst into the throne room of Apsa the orc chieftain. The heroes where soon embroiled in a full on melee as orcs and a warg from other rooms began to pour into the room. After 15 minutes of bloodletting, the heroes found themselves standing on dead orcs and repulsing wave after wave of orcs. Eventually the orcs stopped coming, and the party was able to catch their breath. They quickly looted the room and then proceeded to clear out the rest of the orcs in the vicinity. Fatigued from battle and frustrated by their inability to find Oberron, the party made camp in the Orcs former barracks. During their camp three gnolls walked in on them, but the party quickly over powered them.

Esevelen, 24 (Jul 1st) | Hidden Temple V

The party awoke and began to move out, it was then they found Lozan and Atticus. Reunited they went in search of Oberron but found trouble instead. They first encountered small groups of hobgoblins who were setting up In the goblin’s former territory. The real trouble began when the heroes encountered a warband of hobgoblins in military formation.

Lozan and Vilhelmus repeatedly attempted to outmaneuver the hobgoblins but where unsuccessful. Miscommunication between members of the party gave the hobgoblins the advantage which they pressed. The tide was turned when Brother Merrin used divine magic that enabled Lozan to wade into the enemy and thin their ranks. The hobgoblins unable to direct attacks at the blade dancer where soon on the defensive as the heroes tore into them.

Avery, Garrick, Vilhelmus and Ivanova all suffered mortal wounds and were close to death. Thanks to the healing arts of Lozan and Brother Merrin they were spared from the underworld. Vilhelmus’s left arm had been shattered and he needed to be brought back to Turo’s Tem.

The party retreated from the temple and headed back to the fort. Avery, Garrick and Ivanova were quickly treated. Vilhelmus however needed surgery; the chirurgeon was forced to remove his left arm at the elbow. Ivanova pleaded with Priestess Genelen to restore her cousin and make him whole. The priestess used her last remaining ritual scroll and restored Vilhelmus, who began to grow a new arm. Vilhelmus remained in a deep sleep and Ivanova prayed he would wake up.


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