Stamus Contra Malum: 1013 YE

Siadanos I - A Long Respite

Agitelen, 3rd – 25th (Jul 8-30)

Agitelen, 3rd – 25th (Jul 8-30) – A Long Respite

The party decides to take a long break while they wait for Vilhelmus to recover. They had acquired quite a bit of wealth from Agrippa’s lair and from the Hidden Temple. Lozan had found a new paramour in the form of Roberto the Blade, a Cinnbarii duelist. Brother Merrin had not yet returned from the Black Eagle Fortress where he was gathering clues. Oberron took his share of treasure, some digging tool and disappeared into the hills.

Agitelen, 26th– Innelen, 10th (Jul 31-Aug 10) – Siadanos I

Once Vilhelmus was able to travel again, Ivanova, Avery, Garrick and he all decided to travel to the seat of the prefecture and border fortress Siadanos. The elves were looking for new magicks and additional training in their respective crafts. Ivanova and Vilhelmus wanted to see the town. Oberron and Brother Merrin had yet to return and Lozan decided to take her dead sisters headdress to the Shrine of Ianna at the Black Eagle Fortress.

The foursomes took two days to reach the border town and were taken aback by the size and wealth of the town. Siadanos was a bastion of civilization out on the western edge of the empire and had much to offer. Ivanova quickly began to ply the locals for information about the town, recent news, and people of importance and locations to be wary off. Vilhelmus and the twin left the walls of the town and headed over to the Lake District where most the of elven populace called home. They soon found their New Hellions contact and got to know each other. The leader of the local cell was a female elven priestess of Mityara named Arerwel.

The twin’s tutors were not in town, but were expected to return the following day. The threesome inquired if the New Hellions had any tasks for them. Arerwel paused to think for a moment before telling them no, but their services might be needed in the very near future. The three men soon left the Lake District and returned to the 9th Ward to reunite with Ivanova.

The heroes were soon sitting at a table in the Cracked Mug, a local watering hole popular with travelers. The soon shared everything they had learned. Once of the more interesting bits of news they learned was that a squadron of Imperial war galleries would soon be arriving. The annual collection of the fortresses taxes and tariffs was soon and all of the monies were to be moved to the Imperial Capital.

Vilhelmus after several bowl of wine had become quite loud and had begun to expound upon the virtues of several kinds of ships. A gentleman named* Julius Prasiuso* took notice of this and approached Vilhelmus. Julius was a trader who had cargo coming from the west and he did not want to pay the imperial tariff on his goods. Vilhelmus had a ship and knew how Imperial Custom Patrols operated. A deal was made.


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