Stamus Contra Malum: 1013 YE

The Lost Vault Part 6
Juselen 16th 1014 YE (Midnite)

The Light Bringers (Active Members)

Ivanova Hastinov – Half-Elf Female, Black Swan Maiden (Paladin) of Fionnghuala, Heiress Presumptive to Leadership of the High Elves
Lozen the Lioness – Thracian Human Female, Blade Dancer of Ianna, Courtier of Ivanova’s Camarilla
Avery Aileanach -High Elf Male, Spell Blade, Ivanova’s Lord Marshall
Garrick Aileanach – High Elf Male, Night Blade, Ivanova’s Spy Master
Oberron the Reborn – Dwarf Male, Dwarven Fury, Son of Oberron Trollnose, Courtier of Ivanova’s Camarilla
Damien, Son of Ulf – Danish Human Male, Vagabond Paladin of Ammonar, God of the Sun
Moryna Morning Star – High Elf Female, Spell Blade, Scion of Morning Star Clan, Avery’s Henchwoman
Noelia Night Song – High Elf Female, Night Blade, Garrick’s Henchwoman and Lover
Robyn Spring Rain – High Elf Male, Man-at-Arms, Avery’s Henchman
Mock Wind Willow – High Elf Male, Cavalryman, Avery;s Henchman
Tycho the Terrible – Dwarven War Dog, Oberron’s Companion

Inactive or Former members
Vilhelmus Hastinov – Thracian Male, Fighter, Capt of the Lion’s Roar, Ivanova’s Cousin
Lukos – Thracian Male, Explorer
Atticus – Thracian Male, Bard, Deceased

The Realm of Souls, the Lands Between Life and Death

Juselen 16th 1014 YE (Midnite)

Oberron, Damien, Garrick, Ivanova and Lozen awoke to find themselves lying on their backs on a sandy surface and staring up into a starry twilight sky filled with three moons. The heroes quickly stood up and looked at each other. All of their wounds were healed and there was no sign of their injuries. Avery was nowhere to be seen and there was nothing but endless desert of pristine white sand around them.

What is this place? Why are there three moons? Who healed us? Where is Avery? Everyone began speaking at once except for Garrick who remained quiet and withdrawn.

Damien looked in a panic for a moment “The Elf Bane is gone!”

“It is probably still in the land of the living.” Garrick said forlornly and sighed deeply.

“Garrick, what do you mean?” Ivanova looked at the elf pointedly.

“I have been here before, this place exists outside of time and space, it is the land between life and death. It is a kind of a waystation, of sorts, for souls as they travel through the gate of death.”

“Are we dead?” Lozen said quizzically, for some reason she always imagined death would be tranquil and peaceful. Instead she was picking sand out of some very uncomfortable places. “Bel’s black teeth, this sand are irritating.”

“That is not sand Lozen,” Garrick leaned down and picked up a handful of the white gritty substance. “These are the bones of the dead, ground up and pulverized.” the bone sand trickled through his fingers like the sands of an hourglass “These are the days of our lives.”

“When did you come here?” asked Ivanova

“When I almost died during our romp through that forsaken temple, my soul came here.”

“How did you return to the land of the living?” Ivanova pressed him.

“Do you remember Priestess Genelen? Bless her old holy soul.”

Everyone nodded except for Damien, who had never met the old priestess from Türos Tem.

Garrick in a sardonic tone replied “She snapped my soul back into my body, real fun experience, don’t recommend it. I think the damn sword exists not only in the physical world but also here. Something must have happened and we got sucked in here.”

“Where is Avery and the sword? How do we get out of place?” said Oberron, he did not like this place, he could no longer smell earth or stone and this filled him with disquiet.

“Good Question Dwarf” Damien spoke for the first time in a while. Everyone looked at Garrick who shrugged his shoulders.

“I am not sure, but there is someone who does.”

Garrick got down on his knees and drew the sign of the eclipse in the bone sands. Reaching into his shirt he pulled out several necklaces, each one with a different holy symbol; he looked and selected one in the shape a raven. The elf closed his eyes and began praying in Classic Thracian to Calefa the Goddess of Mourning.


Everyone stared at wonder at this as Garrick had never shown much reverence for the gods since they first meet him. Nothing happened at first, but out of nowhere a white raven landed in front of Garrick and cawed at him.

The bird hopped around for a moment on the sand, then flapping its wings, it took to the air. Garrick stood up and dusted himself off.

“The raven will show us the way”

The party followed the raven across the seemly endless wastes. Nothing but dune after dune of bone sands for miles. It seemed like they traveled for a long time, but they never got tired, hungry or thirsty. Eventually the raven began to caw again and they spotted something in the distant. As they got closer to it they could see it was a wagon.

The Gore Wagon

The wagon was massive with four wheels, each as tall as a man. The wagon was filled to bursting with body parts, blood and gore of hundreds of creature. A crimson trail of blood stretched for miles behind the wagon. As the wagon rolled across the sands, it would sway, splashing gallons of blood and ichor on the sands. Pulling the wagon was a naked elf, black iron hooks sunken into his back, arms and legs. Iron chains, taunt with strain, ran from the hooks to the wagon as the he struggled to pull the wagon. The elf was Avery and he seemed in agony.

Garrick screamed his brother’s name and ran to him, the party hot on his heels. Avery did not seem to hear his brother or acknowledge his friends presence. Lozen noticed on top of the wagon rode a figure shrouded in a tattered hooded grey cloak. Across the figures lap laid the Beast Bane.

The creature spoke in a deep hissing voice, “He can’t hear you, for as long as he is chained, he is my slave.”

“Give us back our friend or you will feel our wrath” Ivanova drew her sword. Damien, Lozen,
Oberron and Garrick followed suit.

The creature laughed “I will flay the skin from you bodies and upholster my wagon with it.”

The creature leapt from the wagon, flipping through the still air with unnatural grace. When it landed its hood fell back and revealed the creature looked like Avery. Its skin was translucent white revealing spidery black veins beneath its surface; its eyes were black. It was the spirit of the sword, a demon who had assumed Avery’s form.

The Demon of the Sword

The party did not hesitate and launched an attack on the creature. Damien ignited his sword and swung a mighty blow through the creature. The blade met almost no resistance and felt as if he had cut cloth. Small pieces of black filament clung to Damien’s blade before dissolving into smoke.

The demon jumped backwards over 20’ from the Dane’s flaming sword. Hissing in some abysmally language it swung its sword and unleashed a crescent wave of black fire. The wave cut through all of the heroes as if they were made from paper, but their hair and clothes did not catch fire; nor did they seem to take any physical damage. All of them felt somehow diminished, as small pieces of gray fiber sloughed off them, turning into white smoke.

As the rest of the party engaged the demon, Lozen sprinted over to Avery to free him. The hooks were sunken deep into his flesh as he strained to pull the wagon. The bladedancer drew her sword Death Drinker, speaking the words to awaken the sword. She then stuck down with such force she sliced through all of the chains in one blow.

The Demon screamed in rage but before he could act, Damien attempted to vault over him in order to strike a death blow to the demons head. Instead something strange happened, Damien leapt high into the air and landed with 300 yards away with such force he made a crater. Garrick desperate to save his brother unleashed his necromantic power and cast a spell.

The demon vaulted to the top of the wagon in a single bound and with a wave of its hand, more black chains erupted from the wagon. The chains whipped around attacking the party. Oberron was hooked in the neck by one and was dragged towards the wagon. Lozen attempted to leap to the top of the wagon, but ended up over shooting by several hundred yards. Ivanova grabbed Avery and dragged him out of reach of the hooks.

All around the wagon, green flamed will-o-wisps began to rise from the bone sands, the lost souls of those who had become trapped in the Soul Realm. These will-o-wisps streaked over and were absorbed into Garrick one after another. Garrick swelled in size as his muscle and bone began to expand. He ripped off his armor as he grew revealing cracks in his skin which were beginning to leak necromantic power. Garrick roared as he charged the wagon and the demon.

Damien having extracted himself from the bone sand saw he was far from the fighting.

How was he to get back? Jump? If he only had a horse!

With that thought, the sand began to swirl beneath his feet and he watched as a skeleton of a horse materialized out of the sand underneath him. The skeletal horse reared his head and soon muscle and skin formed over the skeleton. Damien soon found himself astride a nightmare who charged towards the fighting with the shocked Dane hanging on for dear life.

Garrick had reached the top of the wagon and tore into the Demon with his bare hand. Black filaments flew to the ground like snow as the demon screamed in agony. Lozen could hear the scream from a far and began running back to the battle.

“They are so far away. If I had the speed of a stallion or a cheetah.”

With that thought, Lozen found herself running so fast that the landscape blurred as she came hurtling back to the wagon. She was moving so fast she did not know how to slow down and crashed into the side of the wagon, rocking it. The demon was staggered causing him to miss striking Garrick with his sword. Then Damien was there flying over the wagon on the back of a nightmare and struck the demons head from his shoulders. The demon burst into hundreds of black filaments, then he was nothing but smoke.

The danger was not over; Garrick began to scream as all of the necromantic energy he had absorbed became too much for him to contain. His body began to swell as more energy leaked out of him. He finally exploded in a pillar of green fire which expanded to consume the wagon and everything around him, including all of the heroes.

The Gates of Death

Death, it was like floating in a dark warm see, there was nothing but peace and tranquility.

The Light Bringers drifted for what seemed forever when a speck of light appeared. The heroes were drawn towards this speck which turned out to be an island of bone sand floating in the darkness. Upon this island a massive gate stood. The great doors of the gate were made of massive bone of some ancient creature. This was the Gates of Death, those who died, passed through them to the afterlife.

The heroes stood at the gates; dwelling on how far they had come; how much they had failed to do. Avery seethed in angry; his vengeance would never be fulfilled. Garrick grieved for he too would never get to avenge their parents. Ivanova had failed to purge her sins and redeem her soul; an eternity of torment waited for her beyond those gates. Oberron and Lozen prepared themselves to be judged by Ianna. Damien was the most nonplussed, he spoke to his god often and had led a noble, albeit reckless life.

The gates began to open and the heroes took a step forward then stopped. Out of the gates walked a black cat. The cat stood in front of them, looking at them with a slightly bemused expression.

“When you guys wreck something, you don’t screw around.” The cat spoke with a feminine voice.

“Hello, Shadowcat, are you here to escort us to the other side?” Lozen asked the cat. The demigoddess of thieves shifted from a cat into that of women shrouded in a cloak of the night’s sky.

“Not today Lioness, your bodies still draws breath in the land of mortals. When Garrick exploded, your astral form, your souls, were briefly disconnected. Calefa has granted you mercy as your deaths were not a true death. You have vanquished the demon in the blade, a demon that had tainted the Soul Realm. This is no small feat, given that you almost lost your souls to the blade.”

“Now the time has come for you to return to the land of living, walk through my cloak and be returned.”

With a flourish her cloak opened and each hero passed through one by one.

Ivanova stopped before entering and turned to the demigoddess.

“It was nice to meet you again, if you could do me a favor?”

“Dmitry, Lemunda and Borris send you their love, now getting going girl, there is heroic tasks awaiting you”

Garrick was the last to enter the cloak when the Shadowcat stopped him.

“I have need of a private word with you, spy master,” Garrick gulped; this could not be a good thing.

The Lost Vault Part 5
Juselen 16th 1014 YE (Midnite)

The Descent

Juselen 16th 1014 YE (Midnite)

As the lift carried the Lightbringers towards the bottom of the shaft they witnessed the awe inspiring craftsmanship of the dwarves of old. Carved into the side of the shaft was a 200 foot tall statue of Mar-Rune. They had recently faced this being and the sight of it sent shudders through their bodies.
As they descended deeper a blue color luminesce could be seen. The party stopped the lift and looked down and saw the bottom of the shaft a deep pool of water that the waterfall crashed into. Along the shores of the pool was an abundance of fungus that gave off a blue light. They also spied a camp fire near an entrance to a tunnel. Sitting around the campfire was three Gnolls who seemed bored and disinterested in anything but their dice.

The party decided to use stealth to take out the gnolls in order to not alert any others that might be out of sight. Garrick and Oberron jumped from the lift to cable of another lift that was already down by the pool. Oberron made a hash of it and slammed into Garrick and they both went into the cold water of the pool below.

The sound of the waterfall masked much of the noise but one of the gnolls had gotten up to investigate. Garrick swam over to the stone landing platform that the lifts rested on and waited for the gnoll to get close. Oberron had swum over to the shore and began to crawl his way through the fungus.
The gnoll sentry walked across the stone platform and looked out onto the water trying to see what had caused all of that splashing. Garrick jumped out of the water and yanked the gnoll into the water. Garrick soon realized his plan to drown the gnoll was not going to work as the gnoll was stronger than he expected and soon the gnoll was drowning him.

Oberron also quickly realized his plan was not going to work as he realized he was crawling through a cluster of Skull Caps mushrooms. Oberron was overcome by the spores and went into a berserker rage and ran straight at the two remaining gnolls.

A messy melee ensued as the rest of the heroes joined the fray. After finally dispatching the three sentries, the party entered the tunnel and followed the path of wreckage left by the gnolls. The party soon caught up with the large group of gnolls.

The gnolls were in a great vaulted chamber, three hundred feet high at the center, with great arches all extending from the walls and meeting at that central point. The entire room was lit thanks to a fire pit, fifteen feet wide, scalloped out of the floor and lined with mother of pearl and the massive diamond keystone at the top of the ceiling. The gnolls were busy trying to knock down the door to the south which was huge: Forty feet high, fifteen feet wide, made of a golden-hued metal of unknown origin. The Sign of the Hammer was engraved on the door, but otherwise it is featureless; a stark contrast to the finely decorated walls around it.

The party surprised the gnolls, using a sneaky combination of Skull Caps mushroom and Avery’s lighting spells to overcome them. Once the gnolls were taking care of, the heroes then had to figure out how to open the massive doors. Once they figured out how to open the doors, the heroes plunged forward into the unknown.

The Juggernaut

The party followed the passageway until it turned east and changed. The hallway was forty feet tall and sloped upwards as one moved east. Metal scaffolder catwalks, only three feet wide, lined both walls at a height of thirty feet. Stairs at the western end of the catwalk allowed access. In the middle of the floor were two parallel grooves that run the length of the corridor.

The heroes decided the split up and they took both catwalks. Nothing happened in this corridor as journey along the passage. However after traveling for about 50 feet, the catwalk collapsed and sent everyone crashing down into the hard stone floor below. To add insult to journey the y all heard the rumbling sound coming towards them, a massive crushing roller, a Juggernaut. The party just barely managed to get out of the tunnel before getting crushed.


The Tomb of Banes

After surviving the Juggernaut, the heroes entered the Tomb of the Banes. Much to their dismay someone had already looted some of the tombs. There were two tombs that had not been touched yet: Elf Bane and Beast Bane. The heroes decided to search the Elf Bane sarcophagus first.
After removing the lid, they gazed upon the fabled warhammer which was encased in some transparent material. The group came together and spent some time hashing out how to get the hammer out. They devised a plan to remove the hammer that actual worked. Oberron was able to retrieve the hammer from the crypt. When the hammer was removed a section of the sarcophagus popped open and revealed a silver elven shield that Avery took.

Oberron then used the Elf Bane to free the Beast Bane. Avery leaned in, picked up the beautiful dwarven long sword and stared at it for a long time.

“Brother let us wrap the bane up so we can get out of here” Garrick reached out and touched his brother’s shoulder.

“He is not home right now,” as Avery turned around; Garrick could see that his eyes were completely black; pools of obsidian hate. “His soul is mine and soon yours will too.”

Oberron, acting with pure reflexes, lashed out with his hammer and attempted to knock the sword from Avery’s hand. Oberron’s blow was mighty and would have shattered a lesser weapon, yet his blow seemed to have no effect. Some malignant force was at work and had negated his blow.*

“Garrick get back, Avery has been possessed” exclaimed Lozen. Lozen unleashed a spell of binding; blazing golden chains shot from her hands. Avery lifted up his sword and it absorbed the chains to everyone’s shock.** Garrick and Damien attempted to subdue Avery but burning black chains shot out of the steel of his blade to bind them. Oberron and Ivanova were the next to succumb to the black chains.

Avery grinned wickedly as he stalked towards Lozen. Lozen lashed out at Avery, but he dodged the blow with ease. He then ran Lozen through with his blade, leaning forward to savory her dying breath. Lozen reached out, grabbed Avery’s head with both hands and called upon her faith. Using every ounce of will she attempted to drive the evil spirit out of Avery. Avery screamed out in agony as Lozen succumbed to unconscious.

DM being a Bastard
DM being a Rat Bastard

The Lost Vault Part 4
Juselen 14th-15th 1014 YE

Night at the Library

Juselen 14th 1014 YE

After returning to the library on the upper level, Avery sealed the door with magic and the party finally rested safely. After a full night of sleep, the party began to attend to their many injuries. The party decided to spend the whole day in the library, Avery and Garrick wanted to transcribe the spells they recovered from the dwarven tomb into their spell books,

During this time Damien noticed that Oberron had disappeared. Getting up he looked for the dwarf, his sixth sense told him something was wrong. As he wandered around, his nose detected the coppery smell of fresh blood. Following the scent, he found Oberron naked lying in a pool of his own blood. Someone or something had carved him up like a hog for the Fall Festival.

Damien yelled for help as he checked to see of the dwarf was still alive. He could see that Oberron was still breathing, if only shallowly. Lozen came running over and quickly saw the dwarf’s dire condition. She and Damien picked up the dwarf, brought him back to where the others were. Lozen began to administer first aid while Damien unsheathed his sword, lit a torch and went looking for whoever had attacked the dwarf.
Lozen used her Staff of Healing on the wounded dwarf to stabilize him and then began to clean his wound. As she washed away the blood she noticed something odd about the wounds.

Damien had made his way over to where he had found Oberron. Damien held the torch aloft and noticed something metallic shining in the blood. It was a dagger, was it the murderers? He vaguely remembered the dwarf asking to borrow one the night before, was it this dagger?

Damien soon rejoined the others. Lozen had finished cleaning the dwarf’s wounds and have a puzzled look on her face.

“Will he recover?” asked Ivanova

“Yes, I believed so, most of the wounds were not deep” replied Lozen

Avery knelt down beside Oberron and spoke in a hushed tone. “His wounds look a lot like dwarven runes with some Thracian hieroglyphs thrown in. That looks like the sign of Ianna, the goddess of love and war.”

Ivanova looked up as Damien approached “Did you find anything?”

Garrick cast a sideways glance at Damien as held up a dagger. “You want to tell her or me”

“It is my dagger that I loaned Oberron last night.” Garrick spoke forthwith.

“I don’t think Oberron was attacked, I think he did this to himself” Lozen spoke.

Everyone seemed shocked at this. Why would Oberron do this to himself?

A Fury Born

Several hours later, Oberron began to stir. Everyone gathered together around him as he woke.

“Why you all looking at me like that?”

“What happened to you Oberron?” Lozen was the first to speak.

“Oh you mean the new haircut? I felt like I could use a trim”

Lozen gently boxed Oberron’s ear “Stop being funny and tell us what is going on”

“I decided that I need a change and it seems Ianna has shown me a new path, the Path of the Fury. I have you to thank for this Lozen” Lozen looked a bit skeptical of this but accepted this newly re-born dwarf.

A Little More Conversation

While Oberon was recovering from his self-inflicted wounds, Avery pulled Ivanova aside.

“Can I have a moment of your time, my Queen?”

Ivanova, still trying to get used to the moniker, nodded in the affirmative and they moved into a secluded corner of the room. As per usual, Garrick followed his brother.

“This is what’s going on, my Queen.” Avery pulled out his sword, a beauty even when not lit up with elven flames. “Flamebrand has been a valuable tool for us, but as you know, I have given up the art of flame.”

“Yes, and I remember thinking that it was quite noble. I haven’t had time to talk with you about it, but I approve of your decision and I know Lozen does as well.”

“Are you sure?” Avery asked.

“I trust her and you,” Ivanova replied.

“Well, trust is exactly what I wanted to discuss. Our new paladin friend, Damien. Do you trust him?”

“I have no reason not to as of yet,” Ivanova said as Garrick scoffed from the shadows. “He joined us for a reason. He came from the orphanage that I set in flames that brought me to this path. That cannot be a mistake.”

As Garrick made another sound of impatience, Avery spoke again. “I want to give him this sword, as a token of trust. I do not trust him yet, but I feel that this might be a gift of welcome as well as a symbol of trust. What do
you think?”

“It’s a terrible idea!” Garrick stepped forward. “That sword speaks to him in our mother’s voice! Why on earth should my brother give up such a strong item to a man who thinks his god speaks to him? It’s insanity!”

“Calm yourself, brother,” Avery admonished.

“Is this true, that your mother speaks to you through the sword?” Ivanova asked.

“Well, yes,” Avery admitted. “But I don’t know if it’s her exactly, perhaps just her voice… Anyways, I feel that is it right to give up the sword, and why not kill two birds with one stone?”

“But what if Damien is untrustworthy!?” Garrick exclaimed, exasperated. “It’s a bad idea.”

“If he betrays us, I will cut him down,” Avery said calmly. “But I wanted her majesty’s opinion, as we do not yet fully trust Damien, but this sword could be an olive branch. Also, to give it up would definitely mean I will not go back to flame magic.”

Ivanova leaned in and took Avery’s hand. “My friend, I trust you and think you made the right decision in giving up the flame magic. You are powerful, and wherever you concentrate your arcane arts, I know you will be successful. As for giving Damien the sword, well-” she put her hand on Garrick’s shoulder and looked at the brothers steadily-“I think that you should trust in your brother Garrick. And if his trust in giving Damien the sword is mislaid, then I would expect nothing less of my general than to impale the paladin with Flamebrand. Agreed?”

“Now we’re talking,” Garrick smiled.

“Agreed,” Avery said. “Now, let us join the others.”

The rest of day passed quietly. Garrick, Avery and Lozen had a private conversation in a corner of the library. At one point, whatever they were talking about seemed to get heated with Garrick throwing some dark looks in the general direction of Damien.
Passing of the Flame

Later while the group broke bread during dinner, Avery undid his sword belt and wrapped around the scarab of his enchanted sword of flame.

“Damien, I have given this some thought and I have decided that this sword no longer favors me. It is a powerful weapon that in the right hands could be a weapon of freedom and justice that sees too little of it.”

Avery offered the hilt of the sword to Damien, while Ivanova and Garrick looked on, Garrick expression had a sour twist to it.

“I don’t know what to say, I am truly honored”

“Then honor me by wielding it in good faith and with a fair heart.”

The party went to bed, tomorrow brought with it a day of new challenges


The Great Hall

Juselen 15th 1014 YE

The party broke camp in the library and headed back towards the great hall. Avery removed his seals on the door and Garrick and Oberron quietly opened the doors. The elf and the dwarf took a quick peek inside. The purple smoke that once covered the floors was gone, instead the floor was covered in gore and blood. Piles of dead dwarves, gnolls, shattered weapons and armor covered the floor.

It seemed the Gnolls in the valley had discovered their way into the vault and had engaged the undead dwarven sentinels. The north wall of the hall had been broken open revealing a hidden chamber behind it. The sound of rushing water could be heard echoing from this chamber. On the south side of the hall a cart had been rolled in from outside. A number of slaves were loading the dead on to it under the supervision of two gnolls.

Garrick and Oberron turned back towards their comrades and relayed what they saw. Avery and Ivanova who were right behind them started to formulate a plan when Damien shoved his way past them without a word and marched into the hall. The rest of the party was in shock as Damien then proceeded to loudly whistle at the two gnolls guarding the slaves before charging them. Everyone was dumbfounded by the reckless actions of the Dane.

The rest of the party at a loss charged in after him watching as he charged right into the gnolls with his flaming sword. What the party did not see were the 13 battle wounded gnolls who were resting in the chamber beyond the broken wall. They charge the heroes catching them off guard. Ivanova took command and ordered everyone into a fighting withdrawal.

Avery and Lozen closed in on Ivanova’s flanks preparing to make the gnolls pay a high price for their blood. Garrick ignored Ivanova’s orders and instead moved towards were the paladin was fighting. Was he going to help Damiem? Or was he worried the warrior might run off now that he had Flamebrand and leave them all to die?

Damien made short work of the gnolls and shouted to the chained slaves to fight for their freedom. Most of the slaves looked stunned except for one, a silver haired elf, who picked up a halberd and charged forward to fight the gnolls.

The heroes and the gnolls on the other side of the hall traded ringing blows. Lozen called down the blessing of Ianna upon her friends but her efforts were thwarted. A gnoll bedecked with fetishes had stepped out of the doorway which the purple smoke once poured out. The gnoll shaman called down a dark curse of the Bel the Slaughterprince negating Ianna’s blessing.

A giant hyena appeared from behind the shaman and launched itself across the hall to maul Garrick. Avery sensing the battle slipping away from them stepped back and unleashed a furious lightning bolt that struck down many of the gnolls. Additonal aid came when the elf slave joined the heroes and fought against the gnolls with great furor.

Lozen, Oberron and Ianna carved through the remaining gnolls, while Damien came to Garrick’s aid and helped put down the hyena. Lozen brought down the gnoll shaman with a savage blow and the last of the gnolls fell beneath Ivanova’s and Oberron’s blades.

A Family Reunion

Lozen began to use her healing arts to tend to the parties many wounds. Ivanova walked over to were Garrick was sitting and knelt down beside him.

“How are you Garrick?”

“Tenderized, the damn hyena tried to turn me into a snack; luckily he did not break anything.”

“That is good.” Ivanova reached out and grabbed Garrick’s ear and whispered. “If you ever disobey my orders in combat again, I will cut off your fucking ears, do you understand me?”

“I am sorry Ivanova” mumbled Garrick. Ivanova stood up and then spoke to Damien.

“As for you, do me a favor, trying thinking with your brains instead of your balls. We are a party and we work as a group.” Damien said nothing but sheathed his sword.

Ivanova surveyed the room and noticed the silver haired elf. He was tall for a high elf with high cheekbones. His body lean from depredation and enslavement still betrayed the grace that only elves had.

“Who are you?” asked Ivanova quizzically

“Greeting Champion of Fionnghuala the Fair Shouldered,” said the elf in a surprising rich baritone voice. “My name is Connor Morning Star; I was once Clan Lorde of Clan Morning Star and commander of the Winged Lances of the City of Selenica. Until now I have been a unwilling guest of these beastmen.”

This was shocking news to the group, because Mornya had mentioned her family in passing and told stories about her uncle who supposedly perished during the fall of Selenica. In short order, Avery relayed this information to Connor, whose cool elven façade cracked with the overwhelming emotions. He had believed for so long that he was the last of his clan and the news that some of his family was still alive dazed him.

After taking some time to collect himself, Connor provided a great deal of information about the activities of the Gnolls in the valley and what had been going on in the vault. The gnolls had found some kind of weapon known as the Fire Seeds in the priest chambers next to the great hall. They had also discovered the grand shaft and the lifts to the lower level were the Banes were supposed to lie.

The party found out that 3/8ths of the Gnolls had died in the hall and one warband had been give the Fire Seeds to take them to the Citadel of Fulgrim. Leaving just four warbands in the valley and one of them was on the lower level which meant there were only three outside. There was also a great many slaves being held captive.

The heroes decided they needed to secure the Banes before tackling the gnolls outside. Connor and the other slaves agreed to keep up the ruse that everything was fine in the vault and they would keep drag out bodies outside.

The heroes then entered the room behind the false wall. The room was covered in blue tile and contained fountains of cold clean water that the party took advantage of. Beyond the fountain room was the Grand Shaft, a shaft dug straight down hundreds of feet. Water cascaded down the side of the shaft and this rushing water powered the lifts that would take the heroes to the lowest level. After killing the three gnolls archers who were on sentry duty they took one of the lifts and descended back into the depths of the vault.

The Tomb of the Dead God
Juselen 14th 1014 YE

Juselen 14th 1014 YE – The Outer Chamber

After their harrowing encounter with the winged serpent, the party decided to make camp in the passageway that lay between the bridge landing and a chamber. After getting some rest, the heroes entered the Outer Chamber.

On the far wall there was a large stainless steel double door, barred and locked. On the doors was carved ancient dwarf that said “The Tomb of Mâr-Rune” as Oberron translated it. Fitted on the door were twelve small rubies. The bar on the door was of unusual and advanced composition. Flanking the doors, in the corners, were two huge statues of thick, surly dwarf warriors carrying war hammers. Before the statues on the ground were stone offering bowls. The bowls are fixed to the floor, but are empty.

Garrick set about attempting to pick the two locks holding the bar in place. While he did so the party kept a wary eye on the statues to see if they would come to life and attack them. Damien decided to move over and picked up on of the offering bowls. When he did so, the paving stone beneath it lifted up a few inches. Damien lifted a paving stone and found an iron box containing a key within it.

Oberron ran over to the other bowl and found a similar box beneath it. Inside was also another key that the dwarf pulled out and examined. The statues remained motionless but the party could feel their stones eyes gazing down disapproving. Damien took his key out and the key immediate became so heavy it pinned his hand to the ground and he could not move. Oberron walked over was able to pick up the key effortless.
The party tested and discovered that both keys opened the locks. Once the locks were removed, the party lifted the massive bar and unbarred the door. Pulling open the doors, a chill foul wind whooshed out the room chilling the heroes to the bone. The party braced themselves and entered the tomb.

Juselen 14th 1014 YE – The Tomb of the Dead God

The room was dominated by a huge statue of a mighty dwarf, standing above a sarcophagus with hammer held high, seemingly ready to smash the coffin below. Twelve other such resting places, though far less ornately decorated, were organized about the room. At the statue’s feet were two stone boxes. One was labeled (with inscribed runes written in ancient dwarf) “Sacred Knowledge,” and the other was labeled (likewise) “Forbidden Knowledge.” The ceiling was so high it could not be seen, just inky darkness. The group’s steps echoed in this dead place.

The twelve sarcophagi away from the statue were little more than plain stone boxes. The sarcophagus under the statue was only unique in one way it has a complicated opening mechanism on top of it… directly under the statue’s hammer

Oberron jumped on the central sarcophagus, containing the remains of Mâr-Rune, and set about opening it, if not quickly. As Oberron worked the mechanism a tension could be felt in the room. As Oberron got close to opening it, the statue above came to life, and brought it’s hammer down.

Mâr-Rune’s sarcophagus was now open. Inside the sarcophagus was the skeletal remains of a gigantic dwarf. Mâr-Rune’s body had upon it a great many treasures, a golden ring, plate armor, a golden shield, and a massive war hammer. The players looked at the dead god and his personal arms with wonder. Oberron’s eyes settled on the hammer and knew it must be his. While everyone was distracted by the now animated statue, he grabbed it.

At first nothing happened, but then Oberron let out a scream as the third eye in the center of his forehead began to bulge and weep blood. A tumorous mass began to grow rapidly around Oberron’s third eye, in a matter of seconds the growth was as big as the dwarves head with the blinking red eye in the center. A cyclone of darkness appeared around him and soon the party lost sight of him. The cyclone grew and consumed the content’s Mar-Rune’s sarcophagus.

Before the party could anything to address the cyclone, they soon found new things to worry about. The statue moved to attack the party swinging its huge stone hammer. Undead Dwarven sentinels clad in gilded plate mail and wielding gilded battle axes burst forth from all of the smaller crypts. The party was soon surrounded and outnumbered.

The party looked to retreat from the room but the doors to the crypt slammed shut and they could hear the door being barred. Undaunted the heroes launched themselves at the enemies and attempted to stay away from the cyclone of darkness that once there comrade.

Lozen called down the blessing of her goddess and the party unleashed their might. The battle raged across the chamber as Avery released his battle magic mauling many of the dwarves. Damien tore into the giant statue, as Garrick danced around swinging his blades. Ivanova’s bow sang as she unleashed arrow after arrow. One by one the dwarves fell and the statue eventually crumbled under the combined might of Damien, Ivanova and Avery.

The inky black cyclone had gotten bigger and bigger as the battle raged. As the last dwarf fell and the statue the cyclone of darkness dissipated with a thunderous boom and a howling gust of wind. Oberron was gone, in his place was a giant dwarf clad in golden armor, wielding a massive hammer and glaring at the party with his cyclopean red eye. He radiated an aura of chthonic power that the heroes had never felt before.

“Is that the formerly dead god of the dwarves glaring at us?” asked Garrick nervously

“I think so,” said Ivanova as she readied her weapons.

“Oh, OK. I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating or something before I shit myself silly” exclaimed Garrick.

“By the grace of Ammonar, I will cut down this fallen god and…….” Before Damien could finish his proclamation Mar-Rune Reborn opened his mouth and spit forth a torrent of molten magma at the heroes. The smell of burning leather, flesh and hair soon filled the chamber as the party scattered for cover.


The party launched attack after attack at the re-born god, their spells, blades and arrows were only partial effective. Mar-Rune swung his massive hammer with ease, even getting clipped by it caused horrific injuries. Mar-Rune unleashed another magma breath attack at the party, but this time Damien stepped forward with his shield and attempted to stem the torrent. He was partial successful as his shield melted but stopped the bulk of the attack. It came at a grave cost however as the mighty Danish warrior collapsed from his injuries. Luckily Lozen, who was nearby, jumped forward and was able to heal him with her strongest healing magic. The party was in trouble and they knew it. Mar-Rune was getting stronger and there attacks were becoming less and less effective.

The party then called out for divine help. Ivanova called out to Fionnghuala for aid, while Avery and Garrick called upon their connection to Calefa. Lozen and Damien prayed to Ianna and Ammonar respectively, hoping for a divine sign. As Mar-Rune readied to unleash another magma blast against the heroes when the sound of thunder echoed in the room. A lightning bolt streaked out of the darkness and slammed into Mar-Runes chest. The god was staggered by the blow and fell back. It was then that the miracle happened, Mar-Rune ‘s chest burst open as a bolt of energy shot out. From the smoking hole in dwarf god’s chest everyone could see Oberron squirming out like a gore-covered maggot.

Naked as the day he was born Oberron held aloft a silver hammer whose head was shaped like a lion. Taking his hammer he drove into Mar-Rune’s crimson eye and deep into his skull. Mar-Run staggered then fell to the ground. His body transferring into volcanic rock shattered in a million pieces.

“Praise Ye Oh Goddess of Love and War, I Oberron have felt your touch. Thank ye for thine power you have blessed me with”

“Does he know he is naked?” whispered Garrick to his brother.

“I don’t think he cares,” replied Avery.

The Lost Vault Part 2
Juselen 12th 1014 YE

Juselen 12th 1014 YE

As the rest of the party slept, Oberron stayed awake pouring through the stone tomes in the library. He gleaned some valuable information from the tomes he read. He explained to the party the books talk about how the dwarves in this vault had been secretly recovering the Banes from all across the Known World. This may have been the reason they were massacred. Oberron also noted that there were instructions for operating the machinery in the grand shaft so they could get to the lower levels.

The party pushed deeper into the vault and discovered a magical pool filed with what looked like gems. They were not; Oberron reached into the pool and touched one of the gems. The gems seemed to actually be portals to other realms. The soul of a dead alien sorcerer came out of the portal and slammed into Oberron. Oberron suffered no ill effects, in fact he benefited greatly as a number of his attributes improved.

Avery and Garrick tried to see what would happen if they tried. Garrick triggered a hostile response as the beings on the other side of the portal zapped the party with a taser like weapon. Avery pulled out a rose that was being eaten by a caterpillar. When he knocked off the caterpillar and killed it, his hand grew to twice its size.

The heroes checked two of the side chambers and Oberron has a surprise encounter with a nest of pit vipers. Luckily Lozen was able to use Charm Animal to make the vipers go away,

Leaving the pool room they headed deeper. They entered the next chamber and so discovered a terrible creature that continually changed form. A battle ensued as the creature attacked them. It would spit acid one round and then attack with steel pseudopods the next. The creature’s body transformed itself round to round, from flesh-like skin to being covered in scales, then bark, then back to flesh. The parties weapons were unpredictably ineffective as what hurt it one round, did not do so the next. After several rounds of fighting they managed to slay the beast.

Garrick examined the dead beast and made some speculations as to what manner of creature it was. He believed it must have come through one of the portal in the pool. The world it came from must have been one of pure chaos and it was a creature without true form. When the creature arrived here it was trapped in a world where matter and form was rigid.

Leave that chamber they came to a room that seemed a dead end except for a 2 foot wide hole in the floor. Oberron using his boots of spider climbing walked down in to the hole. It opened up in a large open cavern. Oberron was not alone. A slimy Oil Slug called the cavern home and soon began to spray oil at Oberron and igniting it. A battle ensued, Lozen used charm animal to persuade the creature to go elsewhere and leave them alone.


Oberron noted that while the cavern looked like a natural cavern it was not. The cavern had been carefully been hand crafted to look that way. There was a tunnel that led north out of the cavern, the way seemed clear. The party followed the tunnel until it opened out one to a stone bridge spanning a massive underground chasm. The heroes had entered the Underdark, a vast system of caverns, canyons and chasms that lay hidden beneath the surface of the world.

But it is not a silent environment. It is not a tomb. Somewhere, maybe below, maybe far away with the evidence merely being echoed across vast distances by tunnels is the sound of crashing water, an underground rocky river. A waterfall somewhere, perhaps?

And it is teeming with life. Hordes of bats, both normal and giant, flit this way and that. Strange blind subterranean creatures emit audible sonar waves. Other fantastic animals communicate with each other over miles of distance, creating what appears to be a harmonious chorus not unlike whale songs one moment, and horrid cacophony the next. Shriekers of numerous types react to all these, and more, as they are approached. Cave crickets of considerable size click and chirp. The sounds of life here are infinite in variety. All of this, save perhaps the occasional bat, is out of sight of the party’s lantern light.

As the party crossed the bridge, the sense of isolation and helplessness became acute. The torches and lantern only illuminated so far. For most of the journey across the chasm, the party was not be able to see the beginning of the bridge, the end of the bridge, nor the ceiling, nor the floor, nor anything but their comrades and the short stretch of bridge currently illuminated. They were in a void.

As they approached the end of the bridge, the sounds of wings approach could be heard. Before the party could prepare, a winged serpent swooped out of the darkness and blasted them with a cone of sound. A couple of the heroes were stunned and suffered from vertigo. The party attempted to locate the creature as it swooped in and out of their torch light. Lozen solved this problem by casting Faire Fire, illuminating the creature. After several minutes, they were able to injury the creature badly enough that it flew away to look for safer prey. It did not get far as a large purple worm popped out of a hole and ate it.


The party crossed the bride and found themselves on a landing. An open archway led them to a chamber which contained a large golden bronze double door that was barred. Carved into metal door was ancient dwarf runes and fitted on the door are twelve small rubies. The bar on the door was unusual and of advanced composition.

Flanking the doors, in the corners, are two huge (7 foot) statues of thick, surly dwarf warriors carrying war hammers. Before the statues on the ground were offering bowls. The bowls were empty.
It had been a long day and many of the heroes were injured. The decision to rest was debated……………………

The Lost Vault Part 1
Juselen 11th 1014 YE

Juselen 11th 1014 YE

The party waited until after midnight before they infiltrated the valley and was able to locate the secret entrance to the vault. Oberron guided the party into a cave that held the actual door into the vault. The vault door was masterfully crafted from a strange golden metal engraved with am archaic runic hammer. Someone has defaced the door by scratching dwarven runes into the door. Oberron did not bother translating what it said. Instead Oberron opened the door and a thick purple fog that hung about a foot off the ground began to pour into the cave. While strange, it did not seem to be harmful. Stranger still was the fact the door had not been locked or barred.


Once inside the heroes began to explore the mysterious lost dwarven settlement. It seemed clear that no one had been inside in a long time. As the party held a loft their lamp and torches, they could see every inch of the walls was covered in fine dwarven runes. Oberron translated a little and explained they documented how each wall, arch, room and door was crafted. The party soon reached a four-way intersection and decided to check the side passages that lead to rooms.

They quickly discovered a cloak room filled with scores of dwarven cloaks, sandals, armor, and weapons. Across the hall they searched a a room where it seemed the vaults residents would come to shave their beards and spike them to the wall. This raised many an eyebrow among the party, dwarves are infamous for the pride they take in their beards. Oberron remained stubbornly silent on this, choosing to ignore what he saw and focus of loot.

They eventually entered a great hall and quite literral tripped over a mystery. They discovered that the fog hid the scene of a massacre, scores of dead clean shaved dwarves and humans wearing early period Thracian armor. Many of the dwarves seemed to have died from stab wounds. The humans however all look like they choked to death. Even more disconcerting was the fact that the bodies looked as if they had all just died, perfectly preserved by the strange purple fog.

On the walls of the great hall was told the history of the dwarves and of a god they once worshiped. The dwarves were once one of the elite of the wicked Nethyarii Empire and the walls told the stories of the horrific things they did. One mural was splashed with a black tar substance and showed the dwarves forging the Banes, using slaves as sacrifices.

Oberron was quiet and did not speak about much of what they saw. They took the time to examine the alter at the end of the hall along with the gold flecked pocked marked rock next to it. They took the golden rock pick and hammer from the altar. Oberron took several plaques that were storage in the altar. There were two doors leading out of the hall. One on the western wall seemed to be the source of the purple fog as it seeped out of the cracks around the door.


While they searched the room, a number of the dead dwarves stood up and attacked the party. Lozen attempted to use her faith in Ianna to turn the undead back, but the reanimated dwarves seemed impervious to her efforts. The party withdrew taking the door in the eastern wall and headed deeper into the vault. They soon came across a door that opened into a library filled with tomes made from stone.

The heroes attempted to barricade the door with the stone books, but the undead dwarves forced their way through. After fighting off several waves of undead dwarves, Avery was able to cast Wizard Lock on the door leading to the Great Hall preventing any more attacks. The party was able to finally catch their breath and tended to their wounds. They made the decision to rest and recover from the first day in the vault.

The Long Journey Part IV
Juselen 8th-10th 1014 YE

Juselen 8th 1014 YE

The party pushed deeper into the mountains, on guard for the dangers that lurked there. While spring was blooming down on the coast, freezing winds, snow and ice were still a danger in the Alan Tepes Mountains. As the noon day sun rose, the party came across a steep river gorge that stretched for miles. A quick search however revealed the existence of a nearby rope bridge. The bridge was well maintained and recently be serviced, but by who? The party crossed over the river without major incident, through some party members had some minor difficulty due to bulky mounts and a high wind.

Leaving the gorge behind they soon found themselves on a mountain trail that headed upward, as they circumvented around the side of the mountain they saw a sight that made them gasp. The party could see on the other side of the valley was a massive humanoid skeleton leaning against a mountain. This giant was the fossilized remains of some titanic being from an age long lost to time and history.

As the party pushed on they crossed another mountain. As the sun began to set, the party looked for a place to make camp. Oberron found a hollow between two mountains that lead down to a valley. As the party made camp, dark clouds rolled in blocking out the moons and stars.

Juselen 9th 1014 YE

During the night, a dense fog enveloped the mountains and valleys. The party awoke shivering to find themselves and all of their gear damp and cold. Visibility was extremely limited as they crept down into the valley they had spied the day before. As they moved through the fog they soon realized they were not the only beings in the valley. Oberron and Garrick detected the heavy footsteps of a large group of armed humanoids moving towards them. The guttural voices of the humanoids and their looming silhouettes showed them to be a warband of ogres.

The party attempted to move quietly as possible through the fog trying to avoid the ogres. However it was for naught as the Ogres caught their scent. A confusing battle erupted in the fog as ogres began to swing blindly. The party reciprocated lashing out with blades. Damien managed to land a critical blow disemboweling one of the ogres. Ivanova and Avery also both managed to bring down one. One of Avery’s retainers was struck a terrific blow and flung from his horse, his body disappearing into the fog.


The party managed to escape the ogres and make it to the other side of the valley. They could hear the ogres still in the fog searching for them. The party was close to their destination, the fact that a warband of Ogres was so close by was not a good sign.

Several hours later, Oberron carefully checked his maps and declared the valley they were looking for was close. The party found a sheltered area that would make a good base camp. All of the henchmen, retainers, and animal companions would stay at the base camp.

Juselen 10th 1014 YE

Oberron led the group to the crest of a ridge that overlooked the valley. Scouting ahead Oberron’s heart sank a little when he saw what was in the valley. A large tribe of gnolls had established camps throughout the valley and had set up guard posts and patrols around the valley. Oberron could see that there were also a large number of enslaved humans and demi-humans. Dig sites had been set up all over the valley; the gnolls were searching for something, the secret door to the vault? It was clear to Oberron that the Demon’s minions had gotten here first, but the heroes had something that the gnolls did not, the second map with the actual location of the hidden door to the vault.

Oberron crept along the ridge noting where each camp, dig site and guard post was. He also noted that sounds of hyenas barking from one of the central camps. He watched carefully the patrol routes and guard changes. The gnolls had one camp that was nearby but it was not too close to the vault entrance and they were not digging in the vicinity yet.


With the right timing, the party could sneak down and enter the vault and the gnolls would not be the wiser. Oberron returned to his comrades and gave the details of his plan.

The Long Journey Part III
Juselen 6th-7th, 1014 YE

Diary of Lozen the Lioness

“North, always north.”

It seems as though every time my heart calls me south, Ianna calls me further north. It would not surprise me if she does this for my own benefit. She knows how I miss the sea, Themyscira, my sisters, and so she calls me north, away from the things I love and miss. She does this to give me strength, push me to be the best I can be for her. I just wish it was a little warmer.

We’re riding through the fields; the mountains stand tall in the distance. Snowy white peaks stand out bright against the dark rock of the mountain face.

“More cold, great.”

Our party has grown in size in the last month. No longer are we the group of rag tag companions gathered together by Lukos, following his lead. Now we are The Light Bringers, the band of adventurers who defeated the Lady Below. One of our fellowship is now gone, Vilhelmus has given in to the call of the sea. With him gone we now have in his stead is a new member, Damian Ulf.

I do not know how I feel about this “paladin”, champion of Ammonar. Those who call themselves paladin should always be treated with care and suspicion. Their faith knows no bounds, and they will do anything in the name of their god. They are fanatics and can be dangerous. This Damian seems to believe his god has spoken to him, but I have my doubts. Gods rarely speak to mortals, even those of the highest faith. I will keep my eye on him.

As we ride through the fields, we w attacked by giant birds. The battle was over before it even began. Ivanova using her gifts from her goddess was able to tell the birds to leave. I still don’t understand how she can have such power, how Fionnghuala can bestow such power on a mortal is beyond my understanding. But the ways of the gods are not to be understood by mortals.

Not long after the birds, Garrick, our scout seemed to find something. He made his way back to the group and took Damian with him.

After a few more hours we came across and small farm house, if you could even call it that. The house was in great disrepair. A lone pig sat in the pen, no other farm animals could be seen. On the porch sat Garrick and Damian, eating what appeared to be some sort of stew. The two seemed happy, content and eager to share the hospitality they had found here at this farm. They, along with the farms owners, invited us to join them on the porch.

The husband and wife that owned the farms were very large. It is unclear how two people who seem to live a life of such poverty could be so well fed. Their daughters on the other hand, seemed more the proper size for someone who lives in such a state.

I joined my friends on the porch and began eating the stew. As I continued to eat, a fog began to cloud my mind. The details of the next hour are foggy and unorganized. I felt my body begin to warm. There was just something about the man. He was so large, so big, and so handsome. I needed him and I needed him soon, my body would not have it otherwise. I grew determined to seduce him before the night was out. I remember Ivanova becoming angry and attacking our host. I couldn’t let that happen. He was mine and I wouldn’t let some other woman have him before I’d had my turn.


My next memory is after the battle. It was over. The house was half burned, the bodies of the girls could be seen just inside, broken and lifeless. Two giant demonic boars lay dead in the yard, the bodies of our hosts. They seemed to have charmed myself, Garrick and Damian with the stew. The rest of the party had not fallen under their spell and had fought to destroy the creatures. During the battle, Avery had accidentally caught the house on fire, and when he used a wind spell to put it out, it killed the children.

As I stood there, dazed and confused as to how we had come to be there, Ivanova came out of the house, her clothes stained with the blood of both the children and the devil swine. She was angry as I had never seen her before; she began yelling at us, about how we had failed her, how she expected more from us as her friends and followers. Those who had pledged themselves to her she cursed at, especially Avery, for his spell was what caused the children’s deaths. When her words had run out, she climbed on her horse and rode off into the distance.

Oberron immediately followed after her, as fast as his pony would allow. Tyco was hot on his heels. Not a minute passed before Avery, Garrick and I followed suite. About an hour’s ride away from the farm, Tyco lost the scent. I knew that this is where we must stop and wait then. Tyco does not lose a scent and if he could not catch Ivanova’s trail, then there was no trail to be found. She was no longer on this realm.

Oberron accepted this and went back to get Damian and the rest. Garrick wandered around, trying fruitlessly to pick the trail back up. Avery and I sat and waited.

Then something weird happened. Avery asked for my advice. Ivanova’s words seemed to have gotten to him and he was wondering if he should continue his path as a fire mage. I told him that fire could never be fully controlled, that he could direct it, but once the spell had been cast, where the fire spread was beyond his ability. He seemed to think on this for a while, and then he picked up his spell book, and tore out the pages containing his fire spells. He handed them to me and asked me to get rid of them. I looked at him, asked if he was sure, and then threw them into the fire. His brother was a little upset, having wished to one day master that spell, but got over it quickly.

About this time Oberron and Damian rejoined us. Damian seemed to disagree with Avery’s actions but what does he know. He is new to our party, he does not know Avery as I do. To Damian, the ends justify the means. He would sacrifice an entire city to defeat some evil, but once the city and evil lay dead, what have you really saved? I believe Avery has made the right choice and may Ianna bless him for it.

As the morning drew near, a heavy fog gathered around us. Out of the fog Ivanova rode out on her horse, a unicorn beside her. The woman never ceases to amaze me. She has the attention of several gods and now a unicorn as well. Words of forgiveness and acceptance are spoken and she rejoins the party.

“Now we continue north. Sigh.”

The Long Journey Part II
Juselen, 3rd to 5th, 1014 YE

Juselen, 3rd, 1014 YE



It was refreshing to be out of Oberon’s cave. Though grateful for the accommodations, I must admit the place had the rank smell of fetid cheese, filthy dog, and the foul earthy smell of an unclean dwarf. Stepping out of the cavernous fissure I spied the first rays of Ammonar’s grace lighting the east.

I paid my reverence to the Lord of Light, taking a knee and offering up a prayer, “I raise my hand in honor to the Lord of the morning, who rises in glory in the east of the world. Piercer of darkness, illumine my path as I go through my day. Way-shower, illumine my path as I go through my life.”

I rose and then greeted Maximus who was seemingly eager to depart as well and needing no encouragement from me to put distance between us and Oberon’s hovel. Ammonar’s light blessed us that day as we made steady progress under His warming embrace.


I woke up to in the dwarf’s smelly cave and wished I was elsewhere. I am unsure if the smell was from the cave, the dwarven cheese, or Tyco. I find Oberron’s fruitless efforts to hide its true location amusing to say the least. The smell of the place gives away its location. The new human who has joined us is very odd; Devin, Debra, Dorian, Damien I think his name is? I will be keeping an close eye on him, he seems off.

My brother gave me quite the scare last night when he was struck by lightning, and I am finding it harder to keep him out of trouble. He is my brother however, so I must try.


Finally out of that dratted cave of Oberron’s and into the light.

Fionnghuala, by your grace, I will make it safely to the Forge, where we will reclaim the weapons before the demon does.

Please forgive me if I’m not concentrating on the trek to the forge. I am distracted by this decision before me.

Should I be a Queen, or shall I remain the wayward child of the Hastinov’s? Perhaps both… Is that too selfish, Fionnghuala?

I feel I am ready to be known, to come out of the shadows.


I love my cave……..



We had a chance encounter with one of my fellow countryman on our way to the fords. Thane Godfre, Son of Magnus, recently arrived from the Danelaw, had been lately titled to the land we were currently negotiating.

How wonderful it was to hear the language of my kin! After being told that we were trespassing, I quickly apologized to his lordship informing him that we were also newly arrived to these lands and had no idea that they had been placed under his dominion. After a brief, but delightful conversation, we paid our tax to one of the Thane’s men who was also kind enough to provide us with a passport for our return journey. Ammonar be praised!



We spent the morning riding towards Turos Tem so we could all cross the river at the ford nearby. The House of the Silver Scales, a powerful trading house has taken command of the entirety of the border forts. I found the house and its leader Silar to be foul and knee deep in all kinds of devilment.

We were hoping to avoid any run-ins with them, but it seems luck is not on our side. Devin (?) was able to talk to the sellswords that happened upon us and contracted our safe passage for a few silvers. It seems he shares a few things in common with the sellswords known as The Silver Swords— this concerns me.

Being near Turos Tem… Lynara, I miss you. It still hurts, but I will push on for you. I will push on for all the ones I have lost. The fires of my rage will not be quenched but by the blood of my enemies. Their blood will stain the field as your death has forever stained my heart. Selenica will be home to the elves once again, this I swear!


I am praying to you while Damien, the warrior of the sun, speaks a garbled language to an arrogant man. Please don’t let this lead to violence. Enough blood has been spilled.


Did I extinguish the stove before I left the cave?


The party crossed the ford around midday with only a minor mishap. Chilled to the bone they rode deeper into the wilderness before making camp for the day



I decided to follow the path you laid before my feet, and then you sent me Nila.

She could have slaughtered us all where we stood, but instead she gave me my birthright, and a clear choice, and a link to my past.

My ears don’t hurt, but my helm needs to be refitted. I don’t want a crown until I earn it, despite the fawning of the Elves.


I have made my mind up that I will take care of Chill Wing on my own if it comes to it. Nothing is going to stand in my way. I plan on making you proud mother and father. I can tell the weight of recent events has been intruding on everyone’s minds. For Ivanova I think more so, for she must decide what she is to do. Will she embrace her destiny and her people or chose to ignore her birthright?

Juselen, 5th, 1014 YE


The party rode deeper into the wilderness. As the midday sun shone down on them, they stopped to take a meal.. It was during their rest that they met a old women gathering herbs and mushrooms from the old forest. Her name was Nila and it was not by chance that they would meet in this time and place. She had been expecting them and gave something to Ivanova that had been taken from her as a baby.

Late Evening

Ammonar’s light began to fade, and as his warmth waned the air took on an all-pervading chill. We established our camp, quickly settling in to the mundane tasks associated with a life on the road. Maximus always comes first, and after stripping him of his tack and harness, I strapped a feed bag on him. I could not help but smile as a look of contentment came to his eyes as he devoured the sweetened oats that were his dinner. I brushed him down, and then checked his hooves.

Satisfied with his condition I partook in the evening meal and settled in for the night checking and cleaning my armor and my sword. I have only known my companions for less than a fortnight, but I am surprised at the utter lack of regard they exhibit for their mounts and oft wonder if it were not for my care, would the creatures ever get fed at all.

As the days toil began to wane conversation began. Dame Ivanova asked how I came to the empire, and unabashed, I told my tale. Upon reaching the climax where I told of my orders from Ammonar — All praise his righteous name! — To slay the demon that burned my orphanage, Ivanova took on a deathly pallor and quickly left the warmth of the fire.

The two elves, Garrick and Avery, which is which I cannot say as I suppose there is truth in the saying that all elves look alike, were quickly at her side. When she returned a brief time later I stood intending to apologize for any discomfort I may have caused. Before I could speak she declared that she was the one who had set fire to the orphanage. She was the one who was ordered by an organization called the Imperial Talons to slaughter the innocents.

Those words – her words – stung me to the bone, and as they settled, anger began to swell within my beast. I slowly reached for my sword intent to strike her down for the crime she had committed. It was Ammonar’s grace who stilled my hand and calmed the rising tide of rage within me. Of course, I thought, Ammonar is truly wise! What better way to slay the Demon than to be united with one who had been blinded by him! Ammonar, with his divine wisdom, had brought us together at this spot – at this exact moment in time – so I could meet an ally to aid in destroying the demon. I drew my sword and drove it into the ground falling to my knee to praise Ammonar. The last rays of Ammonar’s blessed light enveloped the two of us confirming in my mind that we were destined to enact his holy judgement. The demon will die!


Today the elves have a Queen! Ivanova’s destiny has been revealed to us all. Ivanova after some soul searching has decided to embrace her destiny as the Daughter of the Five Stars. I have pledged my life and my clan to her service. Ivanova has taken my oath of fealty and loyalty and in turn has named me has her Marshall of the North!

Today has been a strange day.


Meld naneth a adar, It’s our birthday. For the first time in a long time, it feels worth celebrating.

It’s been a big day. I can’t say why in the event someone who is not me reads this (seriously Avery, I know you read my shit—a few pages are stained with Elven wine and you’re the only person with a bottle left). But it does feel like we’re finally on the path to getting our homeland back, Selenica.

The path is now clear going forward; we have our North Star, forever bright. She had shown a level of trust and faith in me that only my Brother has ever given me. After the events of the past week, I’ve been struggling to be a better person. This will make it easier.


Did you know, Finnoughla? Did you send me these friends, and my people? Did you chose me to be your champion because I’m part elf, and might be a Queen?

Or is my role to find death on this path? To face all the ills of the world and slay demons just to find my redemption in the blood that I have spilled?

Perhaps I will never forgive myself, although the scars are fading. But whatever you have in store for me, I know it is right and if I doubt myself I will put my faith in you instead. And my friends. If even the twins believe in me now, I cannot let them down. Lozen, Oberron, Damien… They have accepted me as Queen. I want to fulfill this destiny, but fear that I do not deserve this boon, this recognition.

Please lend me your strength, Finnoughla. Cover me with your wings. Nurture me like all living creatures. Please do not let the shadows fall over me. Allow me to shine in the light, and to accept my destiny, come what may.

I am almost certain I put the stove out before I left….I think…..maybe……

Juselen, 5th, 1014 YE



I was reminded of home today. We’re getting close to the mountains, and the air smells familiar. How it did before it turned to ash. The scent of pine and poplar, it makes me think of home. But still, we’re getting close. We’re closer than we’ve ever been.

Then of course, that made me think about how I never got to say goodbye. I still have the nightmares; the fire, the screams, the blood; my mother warm had growing cold. I wake up and feel Noelia’s warm body pressed against mine. I think she wants to be more than just my henchman, not sure how I feel about that.

We have to deal with some bad people to get there. I hope we’re strong enough because I know what failure means. The New Hellions aren’t going to reclaim our homeland. They’re too busy infighting. It’s all on us—Avery, me, our friends.

There’s so much more I want to tell you, but for the safety of our journey, I can’t. Not yet. Maybe soon. I’ll sure you’ll hear about it, wherever you are, soon enough. Alright. That’s it for me today. I’ve got work to do.

Story Time with Oberron Part 1
The Story of the Light Bringers as told by Oberron IV

Get Inna My Belly!


We were on the cusp of battle, Garrick’s girlfriend had just showed us we could climb across a layer of the temple. Here we would fight the Lady Below’s champion, a corrupted dragon called Idimmu the Demonic who hid in The Black Ziggurat.

Them bugbears were leading up a buncha prisoners to be sacrificed on this beautiful obsidian altar. Thing was more evil than a goblins left foot, but it was a work of art. Shame we had to destroy it, but I’m getting ahead of myself here.

We waited for the right moment, spread out see then we attacked. Some kobolds showed up, but me and my boy Tycho took ‘em out. Then from the Ziggurat Idimmu and his two twins showed up. Didn’t remember hearing about his brothers, peed myself a bit. I thought the feller was just a big kobold.

Damn dragon worshiping rats. Wasn’t sure how we’d take it down, even just one of them. Luckily after a few shots we figured out they were just illusions. But that still left one problem, a tainted looking dragon and a lot of prisoners- wait no, I missed a part. Idimmu breathed some breath thing on them and they all rotted. Nearly killed Vilhelmus.

The next part is where things got interestin’. You ever hear about them warrior woman on that island? Well I travel with one. Lozan the Lioness her name was. I wasn’t much scared of her or respectful minded to her until she done did something wild. Ill never underestimate her again. I don’t know how she did it, but she like tripled in size. Quadrupled even. I ain’t never seen bigger titties in my life. It was glorious. She jumped up at Idimmu, her blades in hand and drove him to the ground. That’s how I learned how badass Bladedancers are, and I aint ever gunna fuck with them."



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