Welcome to the Stamus Contra Malum (We Stand Against Evil) Campaign Home Page. This is going to be the follow-up to my previous campaign Stamus Contra Tenebrae (We Stand Against Darkness) that I ran for 18 months, several years ago. This campaign takes place fifty years after the events of the first campaign.

Stamus Contra Malum is an old school D&D campaign. The previous campaign we used the 1981 Dungeons And Dragons Basic and Expert Set more commonly referred to as B/X D&D. For this campaign we are updating things a bit and we will be using the Adventurer, Conqueror, King Rules System or ACK, it is to me the spiritual successor of the 81 Basic/ Expert Rules.

The setting campaign is roughly based on the original D&D settings, The Known World, which was first detailed in the 1981 Dungeons & Dragons Expert Set and the module X1 – The Isle of Dread. Using just the information in these two books I proceeded to personalize it and made liberal changes.

With the update to the ACK Rules System, I took the time to add additional detail and retconned some minor details from the previous campaign using the default setting for ACK, the Auran Empire.

Prelude: They Stood Against the Darkness

50 years ago, the Fane De Moros, a secret cabal sought to destroy the Thracian Empire and free Duvan’Ku the Tyrant of Undeath. In doing so bring about the rebirth of the dreaded Empire of Nethyr. They almost succeeded in their quest but in the end they were thwarted and the leaders of the cabal were killed or disappeared.

This was due in no small part to the heroics of Thracian patriots, the dwarven clans of High Forge, the Free Men of the Roverdowns and several adventuring companies. While they had failed in their mission it was not before they managed to cause untold death and destruction. The Known World fell into chaos for a time, in the wake of this the Empire of Thrace experienced a brief renaissance. The Thracian’s helped bring order back to the Known World.


We Stand Against Evil – 50 years Later

The Empire of Thrace is under siege once more. Civil war, barbarian invaders, and pirate attacks are forcing the Emperor Maxentius to make hard choices. Faced with an empty treasury, a deteriorating military and riots in the capitol, he set forth a number of policies to stabilize the empire. The western border garrisons are being stripped of man power forcing the local legates to turn to alternative means of dealing with trouble in the borderlands.


Stamus Contra Malum: 1013 YE

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